Bush Babies of Africa


Some 13 years ago, the chairman of the South African Peace Parks Foundation, Dr. Anton Rupert, had a vision that would see the expansion of South Africa's Kruger National Park (the flagship of African Wildlife Game Reserves) into Mozambique and Zimbabwe- her immediate neighbors - by means of dropping fences and establishing elephant "corridors", thus enabling elephants to return 'home' to their former range in Mozambique, before man came with his guns, borders and civil war.

.............And so, The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, one of many Peace Parks to be established, (also known as TFCA's - Transfrontier Conservation Areas) - was born. Learn more about the South African Peace Parks Foundation at www.peaceparks.org .

All South African's were called upon to help raise funds and join in this most exciting and ambtious conservation effort ever undertaken.

"Bush Babies of Africa: Wildlife Art", with the help of several South African wildlife artists, was established in 1995 by Yvonne Reed (a South African) in order to raise funds for the many Peace Park projects.

A percentage of all sales on this website will be donated to the Peace Parks Elephant projects.

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