Artwork Mediums

Wildlife Original Pastels

These are all original wildlife pastel artworks  on quality artist paper of varying weight. Each pastel drawing is matted and framed under glass in a wood frame

Giclee Prints on Canvas

Giclee prints are simply machine made prints. The word Giclee comes from the French and describes the printing technique of squirting ink, similar to ink jet printing. The inks used are better than the average ink and are usually light fast. Giclees are printed on various media, usually paper or canvas. They are high quality prints of ORIGINAL Art, but they are NOT the ORIGINAL ART

Wildlife Original Oils

These are original oils on stretched canvas framed but not matted

Wildlife Paper Prints

We have a variety of prints available using a range of different paper weights. Some are matted.

Wildlife Original Pencil and Acrylic

This is a pencil drawing on quality artist paper of unknown weight framed and matted. We also have two acrylics available for sale.

Tribal Portraits

These are all original light pastel portraits of different peoples of Southern Africa rendered on quality artist paper of varying weight. Each drawing is matted and framed under glass in either wood or aluminum


Children's Cariactures

Fun kids prints for young and old alike. 12 by 16 inches in various mat colors. A dozen different wildlife animals. Prices starting at only $12!

Beaded Wildlife

See the newest addition in our store in Telluride, CO. Affordable animal nightlights, children's animal  bedside lamps and more!!! Prices as low as $30!

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